I got mail!

I got the 25 foot long picture maze! It was ordered from amazon.co.uk. It looks amazing. I will say nothing more!

 A mysterious post made by FuturamaPac


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Issue 91

When I came home today I was suprised to see some mail waiting for me on the stairs. It was issue 91 of Hanjie magazine! I wasn’t expecting it until Friday. The front cover tells us that Easter is near, as our friend is placing some eggs in a sundial. There are two children in a bush behind who can see the eggs. Cheeky or what?!

The titles that caught my attention were ‘We Swim?‘, ‘Wand Waver’ and ‘Valentine Mice’. The bonus puzzle is another Nurikabe, and I swear that that list of instructions has got bigger… maybe not. I’ve solved the ‘Eyes Left’ puzzle, but I can’t work out what some of those facial features are… Ah well, it was still a great puzzle to solve. I am definitely going to try the ‘Kitten’ puzzle. I have never ever solved a cat puzzle… and I must!

All the puzzles from Hanjie and Super Hanjie are quality puzzles. Why? Because they’re Conceptis puzzles, of course! Below are some links associated with Hanjie magazine.

Hanjie issue 90 – The previous magazine’s info right here on hanjieblog.

Subscription – click to be taken to Hanjie’s subscription page.

If you don’t want to take out a subscription, this magazine can be found at most WH Smith stores.


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New site? Where?!

Conceptis are going to have a new site soon. I don’t know much, but I’ve heard people talking about it on the forums there. Apparently the new site looks pretty impressive, but this does mean some of the weekly puzzles won’t be free anymore. 😦

However, there will be lots of improvements and more puzzles than before! I can’t wait till the site is done. It was supposed to be complete at the end of January but there were a few delays. Go Conceptis crazy!

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The 25 foot long Picture Maze!

I should have posted about this on Friday, but I forgot! You can now buy a Maze-a-Pix off of amazon.co.uk, but this one is 25 foot long!

 Click here for more details and prices. I’m going to try and get it, but I need money first… someone tell me if you get it!


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A Month Reviewed: January 2008

Well, what did I think of the puzzles I solved this month? I solved some rather interesting puzzles. One of them was a Maze-A-Pix that turned out to be someone with three legs. (Well, that’s what it looked like anyway…). I solved a Hanjie from issue 90 of Hanjie magazine that turned out to be two cute little wizards stirring something in a cauldron. But my favourite was from Super Hanjie issue 34. There is a little eskimo feeding a penguin! I love the penguin!

I only had one piece of mail delivered containing puzzles this month. I solved about 35 puzzles this month. I created a Hanjie on Microsoft Excel this month 🙂

I would say more, but, now there’s more to expect next month!


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New Puzzles

I have decided that I will not only talk about Hanjie on my blog, but now all of the picture forming logic puzzles. This means I will be posting things about the Link-A-Pix, Fill-A-Pix and Maze-A-Pix aswell as Hanjie. I added Conceptis to my ‘Best Sites’ area on the left, so if you haven’t been there, please go there! The next puzzle update is tomorrow, and I’m desperate for the new colour Maze-A-Pix! I hope that you will like the changes to my blog,


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Super Issue 34

Whoo! I got it, issue 34 of Puzzler’s Super Hanjie. My dad kindly drove me to a good WH Smith store. However, the magazine was right at the back of the shelf, behind less important (to me) titles, so I almost missed it. Luckily, because the magazine is wide, it stuck off the edge of the shelf, so I could see the edge.

I don’t know any links to information about the history of Super Hanjie, except it used to be called Tsuper Tsunami until the Tsunami disaster in 2004. So, the only link I have is to the subscription page: Click here. Also, this is a bi-monthly magazine.

I do try to understand what Trevor says to the reader at the beginning of a Super Hanjie magazine, but it’s way more confusing than what he says in Hanjie. So, I turned to the puzzles and found a few winter titles, like Snow Fun and Snow Fight. There’s also a very original one called Winter 🙂 . The last puzzle is called Reined Deer… and the two colour puzzles are in red and black. And, of course, there are titles like ‘Cat’, ‘Fishing’ and ‘House’ that we’ve all come across before. Be honest, Ye Ed!

Happy Puzzling!

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